I have been married to Mike for 24 years and we have been blessed with 4 incredible children.  I was brought up Greek Orthodox, coming from a large Greek family.  I converted to Catholocism after Mike and I were married, for unity of our family.  I saw it as an opportunity not to give up my Orthodox upbringing, but to enhance my connection to Christ and His church through Catholocism.  We are parishioners at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church.

It has been an amazing journey growing deeper in my understanding of the Catholic faith.  My devotion to Mary has grown stronger in the past 5 years and I have truly felt led by her constant intercession.

I am surrounded by friends and family who have a true zest for life ,which is contagious.  I strive everyday to do God’s will and be an example of His love and grace to others.  This is an effort that typically requires a lot of do-overs  on my part, which makes me all the more grateful for God’s mercy.  Exercise, travel, and faith-filled adventures with family and friends– mixed in with a lot of laughter - brings me the most joy.  


Colleen is a wife and mother. She and her husband Jeff have been married for 17 years and have three children. They are members of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church. 

She grew up in a lively Irish catholic family where faith was the cornerstone.  She is an inspirational speaker, along with her sister, for the Love Foolishly Mission their family began in 2010.  She's also a student studying theology through the Ecclesial Lay Ministry program.  

While athletics have been a part of her life since she was young, as an adult she was never able to stick with any exercise routine for long!  Through SoulCore and the combination of the rosary with the physical exercise, she finally found the path she needed to strengthen both body & soul.  Now she feels called to share it with everyone!

 She's passionate about her faith, family, friends, food & travel and loves to laugh!  Above all, she's just striving to be a witness of love to those God puts in her path.  Admittedly, most days she falls short...and is thankful for God's forgiveness and grace!